Who we are?

It´s mainly HIM and little bit of HER. And IT, too.

HE measures, marks, arranges and cuts wood, joins it together and is involved in many other different kinds of work to create those beautiful cutting boards. HE invents and designs them. HE walks around with a untidust mouth mask and looks as a predator. HE spends most of the time in the workroom but sometimes he has to sit in front of the computer, too. He is the heart and soul of the business. If you have any question regarding the process of making the cutting boards, HE would be the one to answer you. Don´t hesitate to ask, HE doesn´t bite.

SHE takes care of the papers, orders, invoices, web pages, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. She answers your emails, does accounting. Sometimes she comes out with an idea for a new cutting board. She packs the goods and takes it to the post office. She takes pictures and makes videos so that you can see more of what you are about to buy.

IT is trying to interrupt HIS and HER work most of the time. IT grabs the screwdrivers, little hammers, screws, tape mesures and little laths – and hides it the way that no one can find it ever after. But IT is their happiness and joy.

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